Monday, October 20, 2008

Day 1 Begins with Great Attendance!

The Town of Boone Land Use Plan Charrette began with more than 150 community members in attendance at 4 different meetings throughout the day. Meetings included discussions of environmental protection and sustainability, utility infrastructure and alternative energy, Kraut Creek and Boone Creek improvements, and rejuvenating the commercial corridors. Among some of the key recommendations by the public today are:

  • Focus on the comprehensive restoration of Kraut/Boone Creek
  • Investigate opportunities for capturing rain water and water conservation through regulations and incentives
  • Consider alternate pavement types that permit infiltration
  • Implement a comprehensive bicycle and pedestrian master plan to lessen the impact of the automobile
  • Focus efforts on redeveloping existing property and discourage new development in the greenfields
  • Accommodate and encourage new forms of alternative energy including wind, solar, and biomass
  • Complete a comprehensive stormwater management plan with a specific focus on lessening flooding in Kraut/Boone Creek particularly around the Boone Mall
  • Improve the aesthetics in the commercial corridors including lighting and landscaping
  • Consider increasing height limitation in certain areas based on topography (low lying areas) such as Howard Street, Hardin Avenue, and Blowing Rock Road and targeted redevelopment areas
  • Reduce minimum parking requirements

There is much more to follow tomorrow with a walking tour/placemaking assessment of Downtown, and conversations about transportation, open space, and town/gown issues. In addition, we will have our first pinup session at 5:30 pm to share some detailed design opportunities throughout the community that implement some of the public recommendations using site-specific plans.



Anonymous Amanda Crowe said...

I was once very uninterested in storm water management. That changed in June 2008, when I watched storm water manage to swallow most of the heart of Cedar Rapids. Now storm water has my undivided attention.

April 14, 2009 at 2:26 AM  

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